Our History

In July 2018, Robin and Sally were given the opportunity to move our very successful B&B business based in Herefordshire back home to Ludlow. We were featured in the Daily Telegraph in September 2017 as a Top 10 UK Cool Bed and Breakfasts ( and sometimes dinner ) so we had honed our hospitality skills quite well over the past 5 years.
Prior to starting ‘Bed and Breakfast’ , Sally had her very popular shop for nearly 10 years in the middle of Ludlow and was proud and honoured to be a part of that community and where we lived before moving across the border – thus we have moved back home!
Renovations commenced in September 2018 and on 25thNovember 2018 we moved in to join our lovely builders and electricians and decorators. Work continues since our opening Easter 2019 and restoring, renovating and re-planting – from the haha surrounding the garden, new ensuite bathrooms, installing a new drive way and parking for our guests, to sanding and polishing the lovely wooden floors. We’ve sourced yet more period furnishing to add to the array of suitably old pieces we brought from our other old B&B – from 4 posters to longcase clocks to court cupboards. It now looks as if we have been here forever!
Our move and renovation has been followed by the tv cameras – a period of highs and lows – for a new series on Channel 4 – ‘The Great Hotel Escape’ which Sally and Robin will watch mostly from behind the sofa when it broadcasts later in 2019 as several meltdowns occur thorough a somewhat stressful time! Hair and makeup artists were not on hand to tend to our appearances for sure…
We don’t think the term ‘luxury’ applies to us. We provide a very comfortably home, from home place to stay. Our philosophy is to provide an un-fussy, calm and relaxed place with schedules and routines forgotten for the days you are with us. And, after all, why live in such a lovely place and not be able to share it with others.